Maintaining Cordless Impact Wrench – 6 Simple Steps

A cordless impact wrench is made to produce high torque output.  An impact wrench is also known as an impact gun, air wrench, torque gun, rattle gun.  Minimum exertion is required by the user.

Completely a masculine tool, an impact wrench is used to take out rusty nuts out of the sockets. It stores the energy in a rotating object and then delivers through the output shaft.

Compressed air is the power source required for it. A cordless impact wrench is of 7-20 pounds normally and is easily available at the cost of $300-500. When you need a quick and easy impact, cordless impact wrench is what you need. It is much diverse and versatile than the usual impact wrench.

why use an impact driver? In some places, only a cordless impact wrench is the only possibility to get the job done. Cordless impact wrench gained a rank in many homeowner’s and mechanic’s tool box.

Cordless impact wrenches are generally used to maintain equipment, repairs of automobiles and massive construction projects. Like any other mechanical tool, proper use and maintenance is compulsory for durability of the wrench.


Mentioned below are six simple steps to maintain your cordless impact wrench:

  1. Setting Up The Compressor:

All tools which require air as a power source, need to have proper supply of air.  While setting up the compressor of your wrench, ensure that there is enough air output in the compressor, so as to provide enough air power enabling your wrench to work.

Regularly check the air compressor.


  1. Ensure There Is No Air Leakage:

Add this to part of your routine to check all the fittings, couplets and air hoses for air leaks. Make sure to repair the leakages if any, right away. Air leaks tend to reduce the power of the wrench adding to its operational costs. An early remedy of air leaks will prevent your wrench from further damage.


  1. Suitable Sized Piping:

For maximum output, check that all the piping is adequate in size. Proper fittings and hoses are important. Too small or too large fittings or hoses lessen the power of the wrench.


  1. Removal of Debris and Dampness:

Impact wrenches often get problems because of moisture and debris. The areas having moisture, cause the wrench parts to rust. During working, some debris gets inside the machine and causes harm.

Make it a habit to clean your wrench before and after use especially with an air dryer for cleaning internal and external parts.


  1. Oiling the wrench:

To ensure maximum output, oiling of the wrench is mandatory. Inline oiler can be easily used for the job.  Oiling is to be done after the device has been used so that oil can reach to all the moving parts.


  1. Check-ups on daily basis:

If not daily, inspect your impact wrench on alternate days. Observe its working to suspect if there is anything wrong.  If you find any problem get it repaired on early basis.

Machines eventually wear out, but if proper care is take of them with careful inspection,  you can use it for a long time.


When you have a tool like battery impact driver, make sure it is never dropped. If you follow the above steps you can surely enhance the working of your cordless impact wrench.

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